Basic math and number concepts

Basic math and number concepts utilized in a preschool or kindergarten classroom set the foundation for learning more advanced math concepts. Early exposure to math and number activities will promote your students comfort with these skills. Also, additional opportunities to practice these skills will increase your child’s confidence when working with math and number concepts and will lead him to believe he is “good at math.” If your student does not become comfortable with math and number concepts at a young age, he will lack confidence in his abilities and may become hesitant as more advanced math concepts are introduced.The first step in Math and Number Awareness is learning what the 10 numerals (0 through 9) look like Children in the classroom may be asked to “Cut out five circles,” “Pick three friends,” or “Ask one question,” for example. Understanding the significance of numerals will directly contribute to a child’s success in the classroom.“Counting on” allows a child to continue counting objects added to a previously counted group without recounting the entire groupCounting on is an important skill because it is time-consuming and impractical to recount a group of items each time additional pieces are added.