Thank you very much for cooperation and your excellent ideas.

Dear all,thank you for this mathematical trip!


Snow White and the seven dwarfs
We learn aout double-entrance TABLES
We select OUR favorite scene from the fairytale and write it down on the table
We measure and calculate classes favorite scene and then we paint it as we can imagine it.

"What time is it"

Activities for telling time. We create flowers clock for decoration and teaching time.

Happy Easter

Math and Lego

The Simplest Way To Explain Math To Kids [Bright Side]

We already sent our Christmas postcards!

Maths and Christmas!!!

Puzzle with 100 pieces! I am very proud for my little pupils!!!!


Numbers 1-5

Maths and fairy Tales

Games Math - "The Giving Tree" - Shel Silverstein numbering and replacement


Good Holiday :)

Math and puzzle

And we also gained a badge. Thank you very much for your cooperation :-)


anyone of you suggested the idea of making workshop with students math games with their parents. I did. There were a variety of math games and fun game :-)

ktoś z Was podsunął pomysł zrobienia warsztatów z gier matematycznych uczniów z rodzicami. Ja zrobiłam. Były różne gry matematyczne i fajna zabawa :-)

And so here in Bialystok we got to know properties of triangles

And we our geoplany done this themselves :-)


Tanja Olear Gojić thank you very much for New Year's greetings. We wish all our partners all the best for the New Year students of the first class of Bialystok :-)


This Christmas may Santa Claus get you lots and lots of gifts. May all those gifts be just want you always wanted. May all your wishes, dreams and desires come true this Christmas. Have a Blessed Christmas from Białystok


Here's a fun suggestion from Bialystok: Races in counting. It was necessary to roll two dice. Then, on a tailor centimeter move a clip on the total sum. Won the one who first arrived at 100.

Oto propozycja zabawy z Białegostoku: Races in counting. Należało wykonać rzut dwiema kostkami. Potem na centymetrze krawieckim przesunąć spinacz o sumę oczek. Wygrywał ten, kto pierwszy dotarł do 100

The proposal logo from Białystok, from Polish :-)

Puzzle. Map of project partners.

Wakacyjny relaks dla nauczycieli. Mapa partnerów w formie puzzli. Puzzle wykonane w narzędziu iPuzzle (

Holiday relaxation for teachers. Map of partners in the form of a puzzle. Puzzle made in the iPuzzle tool ( 


Exhibition and dissemination of the works performed during the school year

Technology and manual: geometric design in primary school

Play with our mathematics games for fun and learning

Next- A dozen more, less...


Maths about me

Stories of numbers

Book titled 'The fairy of carrots'



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