Winter Sudoku

Hello my partners! I made "Winter Sudoku' and I'm going to send three games for you. Have a nice fun!


Our names as polygons.


Squares & Rectangles

puzzle by adding

Look for the totals, choose the right piece of the puzzle and complete the picture.


We Invite students to take doodling to new heights while developing skills in math, drawing, measuring, and design. By making mandalas, students practice measuring
 This fun project allows students to express their creativity and individuality by incorporating their own design ideas.


with lids multiplication table

We cut the nozzle of the milk cartons and we made with the children this game for multiplication. It is very fun!

multiplication table game

Learn the multiplication tables by playing

Multiplication Tic Tac Toe

Reinforce multiplication facts in a fun way by adding a math twist to the classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

Board game

Hidden multiplication factors

Find the hidden factors of multiplication

Polar Pals Multiplication Bump

You need 2 dice and 15 counters per player.
Directions: Roll 2 dice and multiply the numbers together. Place a cube on that number.
If another player’s cube is on that number, BUMP it off. If your cube is on that number, stack the cubes together and it freezes that spot. The winner is the player that uses all of their cubes.