Kolorowe jajeczka- liczenie do 10. Coloured eggs- we count to 10.

In the game we need a dice and  the following eggs:

the largest single egg is 10
smaller simple egg is 5
eggs triple means 3
 double  eggs mean 2
The players throw the dice and take as many eggs as indicated by the number on the dice. If someone rolls a 1, he must give three eggs.

If a player rolls first two, then three, then these eggs can replace one medium egg meaning 5.

To get the egg meaning 10 must collect as many double and triple eggs to a total of 10.

If a player rolls the number 4 takes two double egg. If he rolls a 6 takes two or three triple double.

The game can roll up to the moment in which runs the largest eggs. Or you can play for 5 minutes. You can set the number of shots, for example. 10
The winner may be the person with the highest number of large eggs.