KABOOM! - addition and subtraction in the range 20

You need a large number of sticks. Write on them various mathematical operations. On every fifth stick write KABOOM!

Put all of the sticks into a cup in face down so students can't see what is written on them.
Here's how to play:
1.  First student pulls out a stick.
2.  The student identifies the "answer" or "correct response."  If their answer is correct  he or she gets to keep the stick.  If the answer is incorrect, the stick must go back in the cup.
3.  The students continue around the circle, selecting one  stick at a time and answering their question.
4.  Any student who pulls a KABOOM! stick has to place all of the sticks they have accumulated back into the cup, leaving them with zero.
5. The winner is a student who collects the largest amount of sticks.