Running birds

For this activity you will need:
  • paperboards
  • clothespins
  • faked feathers 
  • plastic eyes
  • wooden cube or dice
  • marker

  1.  Make the birds using a clothespin, 2 plastic eyes and some feathers.
  2. Design a number line at a paper board. Optionally you can laminate the number line.
  3. Make your own dice using  a wooden cube and your marker. Otherwise, you can use an authentic dice.
How to play:

The game is played by 2 or more students, depending from the range of the number line. Every player throws the dice and moves on his/her bird so many numbers as indicated from the dice. The player that reach the end number of the number line is the winner!

I also used this game for just one student as empowerment  for the necessary learning support at maths. The aim was to reach herself/himself at the end of the number line by succeeding the number recognition at the number line and the correspondence with the numbers of the dice.